About Cogit

Cogit is a daily puzzle game, where you have to create simple equations to hit the target numbers. Every day has a differnt puzzle.

The puzzle difficulty increases throughout the week. Monday puzzles are pretty straightforward, and may only take a few minutes. By Saturday, the puzzles are fiendishly hard, and will likely take a lot longer! Sunday puzzles are a wildcard, and could be something you wouldn't see though the rest of the week.

Are there other puzzles?

Yes! I have a variety of different types of puzzle (number, word, logic & more), that will be available on this site in the future.

What does 'Cogit' mean?

Cogit is the Latin word for "think", because every puzzle makes you think! Plus: playing a game with a Latin name automatically makes you a little bit smarter.

Who built this?

My name is Rob, and I love a fun daily puzzle.


The favicon and navbar 'brain' icon are by Vitaly Gorbachev on Flaticon

The Cloudle weather icons are by Yorlmar Campos

Weather forecasts are provided in part by OpenWeatherMap

The illustrations on the site were created via Storyset. I found it an incredibly useful service, and thoroughly recommend it for adding some quick visual interest to a site.

Other Projects

🐷 Typeface Or Trotters? is a game that tests your knowledge of pigs. And fonts.

🗻 Is Mt Rainier Out? is an interactive timelapse that answers Seattle's most pressing question. You can also follow along on Twitter @IsMtRainierOut.

👩‍⚕️ @USVaccineCount is a Twitter feed tracking the number of vaccinated & boosted people in the US.